It all began one dark and stormy night…

Just kidding, because artists are all about the light. We don't paint objects, we paint the light that falls on them. We paint color and shape, which can only be seen in the light. Artists, you could say, are the original light-hearted people.

So, being light-struck, we wanted a lighthearted name. Less "tortured artist" and more "joy". Less intimidating, too, as we are about as far from the snooty, pretentious "Art with a capital A" stereotype as it's possible to be.

We wanted the letters R and A for "regional art", as we were determined to spread the love of art beyond just Geneseo. After many brainstorming sessions over lunch (perhaps a few more than necessary), a member who is a Master Gardener suggested "rutabaga".

We all felt it had the right sound, the right amount of humor, and made for a good conversation-starter. Another member contributed the tag line, The HeART of Regional Art.

Thus RutabagA Art was born. And we still have lunch together.


Side note: Rutabagas are also known as "swedes" because they have been a staple in the Swedish diet in times of famine.  Those of us of Swedish heritage are amused that our magnificent group is named after the lowliest of roots.